Choose your level

Level: Easy

Grade 1

  • No experience required.
  • Flat even surface with no steps or steep sections.
  • Walks no greater than 5km.

Grade 2

  • Some experience required.
  • The surface is hardened or compacted and may have a gentle hill section or sections and occasional steps.
  • Walks no greater than 2 hours and 30min.

Level: Moderate

Grade 2

  • These Walks take around 4 hours!
  • Suitable for walkers with some experience.
  • Expect varied terrain, with a mix of flat sections, some hills, and potentially uneven surfaces.
  • May include occasional steps or steep sections, requiring a moderate level of fitness

Grade 3

  • Very similar to Grade 2 but path may be more slippery

Level: Challenging

Grade 3

  • Most of the path is Moderate level except some particular points that are:
  • Narrow cliffside paths with steep drops to one side.
  • A head for heights and steady footing are essential.

Grade 4 - Pico do Arieiro

  • Designed for experienced hikers with a high level of fitness and adaptability to varying conditions
  • Hikers will navigate steep ascents and descents, often on narrow paths with sheer drops.
  • Good balance and a head for heights are essential

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